School Meals at Aldine ISD

Evening Meals for All Middle and High School Students

Aldine ISD will offer evening meals again this year to students at all middle and high schools beginning September 10th. These schools offer educational and enrichment programs for students after school which enable the At Risk Evening Meal Program to be provided by the Child Nutrition Services Department. There is no cost to the students for the evening meal. The program will operate Monday through Thursday each week during the school year. 


Students will receive a variety of meals including an entrée, fresh fruits and vegetables, and a grain/bread along with milk as menu choices. Meals are planned by the Child Nutrition Dietitian and meet all required menu standards of the United States Department of Agriculture.

The school district decision to operate the evening meal program provides an educational and nutritional opportunity for students. Academic achievement and good health are beneficial for success.

For more information, contact Aldine ISD’s Child Nutrition Services Department at  (281) 985-6450. 

                     Meal Pricing for the 2019-2020 School Year:
  EPCK Elementary Student:
Intermediate Middle/High School Student:  Adult/Non Enrolled: 
 Breakfast: No Cost No Cost  $2.25
 Lunch: $2.00 $2.25
    Student Lunch Charge Policy

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A la carte items such as water, fruit juice based beverages and snacks are offered for sale through Aldine CNS. Monies may be deposited in a student’s account to cover these items. Students paying cash for these items must still enter their ID# so that a record of sale can be generated. 

 A la Carte Pricing - Elementary
 A la Carte Pricing - Middle School 
 A la Carte Pricing - High School

Parents may block A la Carte sales to their child by sending a note to the school cafeteria manager. A la Carte items may not be charged.

Notes relating to food allergies or other medical conditions may be posted on the student's account. 

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